Hi, I’m Richelle!

Welcome to Cooking not Cleaning, let's party!

A few things about me to start

  • Bread is my love language

  • I’m a West Coast gal through and through, but currently live in New Jersey.

  • I’d always choose a drizzly overcast day over sunshine (it’s the Seattle in me)

  • I love tackling kitchen tasks that feel totally unachievable and breaking them down to make them less scary


I created this little space on the internet to share my love of non-professional cooking, baking, and mess making with the world ! While it’s a dream to one day go to culinary school and learn from the masters, I’m pretty content growing my skills right now from my very own teeny-tiny kitchen.

The ultimate takeaway I want readers find here is no matter how daunting a recipe might seem, or how unfamiliar the flavors might sound, every single person is capable of making delicious food in their kitchen! No one is born with perfect kitchen skills, they take practice, determination, and more often than not mean a pretty big mess to clean up. But I have never regretted trying something new in the kitchen, and neither should you!

You can’t let the idea of too many ingredients, not wanting to make a mess, or new flavor combinations and techniques you’re not used to keep you from cooking! If you want to try something new, just go for it! Don’t let it intimidate you into sticking to your same old tuna casserole.

Things you might find here at Cooking not cleaning 

  • Classic recipes with fun flavor twists,

  • Cooking challenges I take upon myself and what I learn in the process

  • Easy no fuss recipes for life’s never ending craziness

  • Easier than they may seem recipes that I promise will be worth your time and effort

  • Finally, my ever growing love of food photography featured with every recipe

I don’t have all the answers or any classical training. What I do have is a love and passion for all things food (except for lettuce.) I’m just here to share that love and hopefully make the culinary world a little less scary to a few of you along the way.

So come along for the ride with me and lets make a mess!